Night of Champions

Dated: February 26 2021

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The Storck Team118.75 ends
Kerri Dowling48 ends
Diamond Star 12 - 16 Million
Maysa Jad40 ends
The Ballard Group29.75 ends
Tasha Beckman29 ends
Christine Callender33 ends
Michael Steffen28.75 ends
Sree Rayalla24 ends
Jason Dodd30 end
Brightest Star 8 - 12 Million
Mendi Twedt34.80 ends
Hunter Deegen24 ends
Devin Schlaufman32.60 ends
Luke Brenning16 ends
Heather Henry23.25 ends
Crystal Hart23.75 ends
Beth Anne Davis23.0 ends
Jeni VanOrnum17.25 ends
Jennifer Gaines16.75 ends
Brillant Star 5-8 Million
Amanda Noble19.50 ends
Seyla Choban16 ends
Alysa Casorla17 ends
Kim Powelson13 ends
Linda Nelson26.25 ends
Kathy Beidler9.75 ends
Nicole Robilotto11 ends
Robert Krieger13 ends
Kristen Spagnoletti16 ends
Stephanie Thomas19.25 ends
Wendy Weeden16.80 ends
Lisa Beebe10.5 ends
Shining Star 4-5 million
Tonette Romero13.5 ends
Olga Telesin15 ends
Van Morgan8.75 ends
Mary Duren8.25 ends
Alice Quinlan10 ends
Gigi Stangle10.75 ends
Stephanie Sawin10.75 ends
Dallas Hidalgo9.5 ends
Erin Mehojah10 ends
Shooting Star 3-4 million
Tim Kelley7.25 ends
Connie Dickerson - Meeks12 ends
Bobby Wombacher9 ends
Ben Mathwin10.75 ends
Tony Murphy8 ends
Karen Bonbright3 ends
Alyce Chermack11 ends
Brittany Downs6 ends

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