Foundation Issues Can Cost You A Bundle

Dated: 02/07/2017

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Image titleFoundation Issues Can Cost You A Bundle

When Buying a home there are a great deal of things to take into consideration.  Is the roof in need of repairs? Does the home need new carpet?  How old are the windows?  One thing people always seem to forget about is does the home sit on a firm foundation?  Take a closer look at the home’s foundation before buying. An undisclosed structural foundation repair could leave a new buyer facing quite the hefty price tag of $20,000 or more.  Is the home on a crawl space, slab or does it have a basement?  These can all contribute to foundation issues depending on the area of the country you live in and what type of soil your home was built on. Here are some tips on how to detect foundation issues on your own and when to call in a Structural Engineer for further investigation:

1. Does it smell like mold or mildew? A foundation leak could be the cause. Look in the corners for dampness or water stains.

2. Look for cracks in outside foundation outside and cracks in brickwork. Be wary of grout repairs that look sketchy or new looking repairs.  IF not done by a professional this could be an issue later. Do you notice a leaning or tilting chimney? 

3. Investigate the driveway and garage door too as well as the concrete patios looking for cracks as well.  Open and close the garage door make sure it properly runs on the track and does it close all the way or are there gaps near the ground on  either side?

4. In the basement, are there signs of water damage (e.g. peeling paint; moisture or chalky deposits left after water dries)?

5. Do doors or windows stick when opening/shutting? That is a tell tale sign of foundation damage.

If you suspect any issues, be sure to have a licensed home inspector or structural engineer do a thorough inspection of the foundation.  This is typically a cost to you the buyer, however, if foundation issues are suspected there is always negotiating power with this type of issue.  Once found the seller must disclose, so it would be best for them to assist with cost.  They will need that report should you decide not to purchase the home after through inspection.

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