Five Winter Craft Ideas

Dated: January 11 2022

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Winter is upon us, so it’s time to bust out the seasonal art projects. If you are looking to do some winter crafts, you have come to the right place. I have listed five kid friendly crafts you have to try!

1. Snowman Paintings Using Glue

Kids love playing with glue and this projet gives them a chance to do just that!


  • White Glue

  • Watercolor Paper (or thick paper such as cardstock)

  • Small beads, sequins, anything to decorate your snowman!

  • Googly eyes

  • Watercolor paints

  • Salt


  • Use the glue to draw the outline of a snowman onto your watercolor paper/cardstock. You can squeeze the glue from the bottle diretly onto the page, or put some glue into a bowl and use a paintbrush!
  • Time to decorate your snowman! Place the beads, sequins and googly eyes on the glue (outline of your snowman) to decorate your snowman how you wish.

  • Let the glue dry completely!

  • Using your watercolors, paint around your decorated snowman so your painting has a background.

  • If you want your painting to have a snow-like effect, sprinkle some salt over the watercolor background while it is still wet! If you want the snow-like effect to look more dramatic, use epsom salt rather than table salt!

  • Let your painting dry all the way, then shake off any excess salt, sequins and beads. Now, hang that piece of art up and admire your work!

2. Coffee Filter Snowflakes

The classic paper snowflake craft, but with a twist! No need to fold down that letter paper a bunch of times to start cutting, using a coffee filter saves you half the time and looks better than those paper snowflakes anyway. The new go to winter craft!


  • Coffee filters

  • Scissors

  • Watercolor paint


  • Fold your coffee filter in half, then in half again.

  • Start cutting out random lines and shapes along the edges of your coffee filter.

  • Carefully unfold the coffee filter, your unique snowflake will be revealed!

  • Use the watercolor paints to give your snowflake a pop of color.

  • There you have it, a super simple winter craft! You can keep the snowflakes individual or, if you make multiple, put them together on a piece of string to create a cute snowflake garland!

3. Button Icicles

This is another super simple craft idea. Button crafts are always a hit, you can never go wrong with them!


  • Buttons (can be any color, white looks most like icicles!)

  • Ribbon/string

  • Hot glue gun/sticks


  • Start by cutting out all different lenghts of the ribbon.

  • Line up your buttons on the string/ribbon pieces you cut out. Remember, icicles start bigger at the top and get smaller as they go down, so use your biggest buttons at the top and smaller sizes as you make your way down the ribbon.

  • After lining the buttons up, it is time to start hot gluing! Use your hot glue gun to put a small dot of glue onto each of your buttons, then press them down onto your ribbon. Repeat this step for all of the ribbon pieces you cut out and remember, hot glue can burn you! Pro tip: use popsicle sticks to push the buttons down on the ribbon so no fingers get burnt!

  • Once you have all of your individual icicles made, cut out a longer peice of ribbon and glue each of your icicles onto that. You now have an icicle garland! Hang it on one of your windows and display it for the winter season!

4. Snowman Spoons

The best kind of crafts are the ones you can eat! So, time to add some spice to your hot chocolate! Swirl in these candy cane spoons for an extra festive drink.


  • Candy cane spoons

  • Semi-sweet chocolate chips

  • Mini marshmallows

  • Pretzels

  • Mini chocolate chips or mini googly eyes


  • Melt your semi-sweet choclate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Use 30-second intervals to ensure the chocolate doesn’t burn.

  • Dip each candy cane spoon into the melted chocolate and place on a baking sheet that is pre-lined with parchment paper.

  • Using you mini marshmallows, pretzels and mini chocolate chips/googly eyes, create a snowman on the spoon.

  • Let the spoons dry completely and then enjoy some peppermint hot chocolate!

5. Footprint Penguin

The last simple, winter craft is a footprint penguin!


  • Washable paint (black)

  • Googly eyes

  • White and colored cardstock

  • Glue

  • Markers (optional)


  • Place a piece of plain white cardstock on your floor then cover your childs foot in the black washable paint.

  • Help them place their foot directly onto the white cardstock, this will be the penguins body!

  • Let the paint dry. While you are waiting, take the time to start cutting out the accessories for your penguin. I recommend using yellow/gold cardstock for the beak and white cardstock for the belly of the penguin. Other than that, let your kids creative juices flow! Some accessory ideas include a scarf, a hat and some buttons.

  • After the paint is dry, it is time to dress your penguin up! Using the glue, place the googly eyes on the heel of the foot (your childs toes will be the penguins feet). Then, glue on all of the accessories you made for your penguin.

  • Let the glue completely dry and you now have your very own penguin!

  • Optional: take some markers and give your penguin a background such as a blizzard!

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