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As a Real Estate Broker, I get asked this question more than any other.  When is the best time to sell my home?  Most people will tell you in the summer.  But this is not always the truth.  There are many variables associated with choosing the right time to sell your home.

The market, what does the market look like in your area?  Every market can be different.  Currently in the Denver Market- inventory is low, which mkaes it a very good sellers market.  When inventory of homes is low, this is when you can get top dollar and sell your home very quickly.  With this being said- the next question I get is, "what if we can't find another home to purchase?"  This is a very real possibility, however, in most markets there are temporary housing options that will allow you time to find the right home for you at the correct price without overpaying.  Please check with your local Realtor to find out what the market is like in your neighborhood.  If you are in the Denver Metro Area please free to contact me at www.coloradorealestatesolution.com.   You can visit my website and check out what your immediate neighborhood is doing.

Waiting until Summer to sell your home?  This typically simplifies life,  there are always more buyers and sellers during the summer months.  Most people with kids in school would prefer to move while their children are not in school.  Moving in the summer also increases the likelihood you will be able to find another home to move directly into without having to move twice as there is more inventory to choose from during the summer months.  However, trying to get top dollar for your home becomes increasingly more difficult with the increased inventory and your home can take longer to sell.  

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What about during the Winter?  I know most people do not want to sell their home during the Winter, but there are some pros to selling over the frigid season.  Typically the only people looking are legitimate buyers.  You significantly reduce the number of, "lookey loo's" who disrupt your day, and make you leave your home for showings, when they are just wanting to know what your home looks like and are not really looking to purchase.  If someone schedules a preview of your home over the winter season, you can pretty much guarantee they need to buy a home.

In summary-  you as the seller needs to look at all of the variables when deciding the best time to sell your home.  Are you looking for top dollar?  Are you looking for a quick sell?  Are you looking for simplicity?  What are your immediate needs?  Once you have decided, then it is time to contact a local expert Realtor in your neighborhood.  I do not suggest calling your cousins buddy who just got his/her Real Estate License.  This will be one of the largest transaction of your life.  Make sure you hire someone fully qualified to guide you through this process.

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at 303.478.8505 or you can email me at [email protected]

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