Fear Of Saving Money On A Mortgage

Dated: 02/28/2017

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Let me put your fears to rest.  The reality is this:..... The cost of a monthly mortgage is typically lower than the cost you are paying for rent and by obtaining a home loan you will be paying your OWN mortgage and gaining equity and not paying your LandLord's bills each month!

What might be holding you back from a 5 minute conversation with a qualified real estate agent or  lender who can save you hundreds/thousands of dollars per year? 

The answer?  Fear.  Fear of getting rejected (turned down for a home loan) is just one of the reasons you haven't picked up the phone to find out if you can actually be living the American Dream

You would be surprised that the majority of first time homebuyers and secondary home buyers can actually qualify but are just afraid to make the call. 

In working with clients over the last 20 years I hear this over and over again. "I don't make enough $ for a down payment", " My credit score is too low", "my debt to income ratio is to high" etc etc... Don't be a victim and have your fears hold you back from saving thousands of dollars a year!  Chances are you can qualify, you are just in a habitual pattern of listening to that voice in your head holding you back.  I encourage you to STOP and just make the call, I promise I am very easy to talk to and I won't come through the phone and bite!

Chance are ... you probably are a lot closer to qualifying than you think and with the variety of loan programs out there are designed to help people JUST LIKE YOU!

Statistics prove that about 3/4 of mortgage loan applicants can qualify for the home financing they need and will save a ton of $$ in the long run.

Do yourself a favor and talk to an Real Estate agent and Mortgage Broker you can actually trust!  There are 3 major types of home loans available with very different guidelines for all of them.

Conventional loans  which are the most popular have the most strict guidelines and account for nearly two-thirds of all home loans.

Federal Govt. governed loans:  FHA & VA.

The reality is all of these loan types have different guidelines for credit scores, down payments, and debt to income ratio factors taken into consideration.  Also, the myth of "I got turned down" for one type of loan so therefore I could not and would not be able to qualify for a different type of home loan. 

So take into consideration these fears listed and do your own self- evaluation.  If you fall victim to even ONE of these factors it's time to talk to a professional whom you can trust and get real and honest answers today.

  • I don't make enough money at my current job to qualify for a home loan

  •  I don't have enough money for a down payment.

  • I am worried my credit score is too low

  • I have heard interest rates are too high

  • I am afraid that buying a home will increase my rental pmt I am paying now

  • I have obtained too much debt

  • Fear of getting turned down for a home loan

Did you answer YES to even just one of these bullet points above?  Then its time to just make a phone call and get the facts so you can protect yourself in the future and every single penny you make today and everyday going forward.  Give me a call today to discuss. Carl Ballard, Exit Realty DTC Denver Colorado 303-916-2900.

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