Dont Be Fooled First Time Home Buyers And Be Like Seth Rogen In The Neighbors

Dated: 04/10/2017

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This Aint Your Mammas House!!!!!!!!! Listen below for the most important tips when going out looking for a home. Lets keep it simple so you can find your home now!

The location of the home is often just as important as the actual home itself. Make sure you do some research online about the area check out one site  A really good place to start is to look at the crime levels first as that is always such an important questions when buying a home and something first time home buyers ofter forget to do.  Make sure its not an area that is really vulnerable to crime like break-ins and car theft. 

Also another really important factor is how close is the shopping to where you want to buy. Its better for resale if there is a walk mart or target within a 10mile radius. Take note of places like where you would buy your groceries, your bank, the gym, and even where you would get your gas. This may sound too extreme but some people like having a grocery within walking distance or a gas station and car wash that is on their way to work.

Lastly, look at the social and entertainment options. Are you living where you are close to friends. My favorite is having a friend in my neighborhood who can help me with watching my kids. Are there people in your circle who live close by to invite over for entertainment?  Do you want to be close enough to the local library or close to a favorite park. In the Denver area many people want to be close to the Cherry Creek Trails so they can go for long walks or bike rides. Whatever your preference, be sure the see what is available at your potential new place. Buying a home should not mean that you suddenly give up your hobbies or your social life simply because you are in an inconvenient location.If you do that I promise you will be selling again and looking to buy a home closer to friends and the conveniences of friends, shorter commutes, best rated schools, and other hobbies and interests you have. 

You might forget that you’re not just buying the house, you’re buying the neighbors too. Drive by the home during different times of the day to see what the neighborhood is busy doing. Is it quiet or loud during the night?  Have you watched the movie Neighbors? Don’t end up like Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) and wait until after buying a home to find out that your next-door neighbors are a bunch of college kids who throw wild parties every single night and end up taking you down with them! Terrible example I know but so funny!!!


If you have more questions about buying a home in the Denver Metro Area please contact me  Wendy Fisher 303-597-6699 or feel free to check my other website  I have a passion for helping First Time Homebuyers find a home. It can seem overwhelming for buyers but when you find that home you want to buy its a great feeling moving in and calling it your own! How can I help you? Would you like to sit down over coffee and talk about your home buying or selling journey. I would be happy to educate you on the current market here in the Denver Metro Area. I believe if you want to own a home you can. Let me help you get in touch with a Lender who can help you know how much you can afford for a monthly payment. Its an easier process than you might think, Lets get you ready to go out there and be an educated buyer who is prepared and excited to buy a home.

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Tatyana truly understands the dynamics of selling homes in the Denver Metro real estate market and is an expert at educating her clients so they can make the best and informed decisions for their need....

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