Dec 9 2016 Moving To A New State

Dated: 12/09/2016

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Moving to a new state is hard and scary for anyone. I was born and raised in Denver, CO and after a certain turn of events, a child and a failed marriage, I moved to FL to be with my parents and sister.  Wow, going from CO to FL.  What a change.  Temperatures, personalities of people, and being a single mom.  I was not prepared.  I had been married for several years, had a son and learned that the man I married was not a nice person.  SO it was time to get strong.  Living in FL I didn't think much about the relationships I left behind in CO except for one and that was my best friend at the time WENDY.  She had no clue I even left. When she found out my heart hurt so bad for her I had kept so much from her and now she didn't have me around anymore.  Moving to a new state. So scary. 

Two years had gone by and I had met an amazing man, after much trial and error on the dating scene. 6 months later we were married.  YUP, I knew that I knew he was perfect for me and my son, age 4.  I wasn't so scared now to be in a still rather new state.  

As time went on we moved three different times in FL due to job changes for my husband.  I was becoming a pro!  I adjusted well to new towns, however, we had not left the state of FL and it never really felt like home.  The only thing I realized is the friendships I had had with Wendy in CO and the, friendships I had growing up, never were the same with the people in FL.  I tried, oh how I tried but moving was always scary.

Several years later my husband legally adopted my son. 6 years later there was yet another change in the wind.  Brian (my husband)  had been laid off and the job market in FL was in the sewer!  WE had to make a choice and we did. TO move yet again, only this time was out of state, but to a place where we had established friends.  See Wendy and her family had moved to Missouri, and our son knew all her children and we wanted so much for the change to be smooth for him in his teenage years. So away we went, however, GOD had another plan in store. Moving is scary.

Our move ended short in a small, town in TN called Murfreesboro. I was not happy.  Due to circumstances out of our control, truck, housing, and health issues landed us there. I hated it, I knew no one, our son was so scared and hated it. It was buggy, humid and dirty. It was an overly industrial town.  I cried everyday for a year there. Moving when it isn't your plan is scary.

After 7 years in Murfreesboro, we had established businesses, some friendships and overall our son grew to love the town. He graduated high school, went to college, got a girlfriend. We became empty nesters, started to realize that the friendships we had although strong were not all we needed.  We needed family and roots.  As a real estate agent I had an opportunity to get my license anywhere. We took several visits to CO to see family and friends that I had always had growing up and the decision was made. WE HEADED HOME! 

It had been over 21 years since I had lived in DENVER. Moving is scary.  However, we are home now back in DENVER CO and I can say that life takes some turns and its all what you make of it but, I know beyond a doubt that GOD will always bring you HOME, no matter where that is.  Moving is scary, but oh what an adventure it can be.

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