Boo 3 Scary Home Buying Steps

Dated: 10/31/2014

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      Are you buying a home Scared? Are you unsure how to find and view the homes you are interested in buying and looking at? Are you not understanding how your loan and mortgage payment will be? Are you afraid of what problems the home you buy is going to have? Then "Boo" you are buying a home scared. Buying a home without a Good Realtor will definitely be scary and you will look at many scary homes. Buying a home with a bad lender will be scary when you are not sure if you can afford the new home. Buying a home without inspecting the home will be scary for a long time and every day and night you live in that home.

          Take the Boo out of scary home buying with a Good Realtor and you will not be scared of what homes you are finding and viewing. Finding a Good Realtor can be as easy as asking your friends and family what Good Realtor they used and how their home buying experience was. Once you have that referred Good Realtor you can meet with that Good Realtor. If he or she does not want to meet with you to discuss how you can move forward in a home buying plan, then that might not be the Good Realtor you are looking for. Ask the Realtor about experience, availability and his or her support. Make sure the Realtor you select to work with has experience and is available for your needs. The Realtor should have a license in Real Estate, insurance and support of a full staff firm as well all the tools.   
     A Good Realtor will have good lenders to refer for your loan needs as well knowledge of all the programs available to assist you in a home purchase. The lender you choose can be from your bank, but where ever you choose your lender they should be keeping you up dated in all areas of your loan process. Your lender should collect documentation for your loan. The lender should run credit reports showing all your credit scores and history. There will be a clear picture of your credit and if it is scary you can make the needed corrections with a plan that is very guided and takes the scary out of home buying. You will know your credit scores and how to move them to position yourself for the best home loans. The lender will take the Boo and Scary out of home buying.
           The scariest of all moves in buying a home is buying a home without a home inspection. You are a scary home buyer and should be scared buying a home without a home inspection. Home inspections can find things like a failed and backing up sewer line. Or a unsafe furnace that could kill your family. Just ask the family who lost a family member in a home that was not inspected properly. Ever home in Colorado sold today has to have a required number of CO2 Detection Devices in the home. Does the home your are buying have correctly working CO2 and the number required? Scary going to sleep in a home uninspected, can you sleep with your children in the home. Would they approve of you not inspecting the home. Do not let them come back to scare and haunt you. Do not be a scared Home Buyer. Take the Boo out of Scary Home Buying. 1) Get yourself a Good Realtor. 2) Find a Good Lender. 3) Get you home inspected.
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