"...see the hidden value and know how to extract it..."

Dated: April 8 2021

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Think about an orange.  It has this rough thick skin that tastes pretty bad when you eat it (don't eat it), but slice open and squeeze out sweet refreshing juice.  

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"Hidden value" can relate to many different types of properties.  I'm not just talking about the ugly house on the block or the property that no one wants (this is a very rare occurrence right now in the Denver metro market).  I'm talking about digging a little deeper into the true value of the property that everyone is currently upbidding (pretty sure that's a word) by thousands of dollar.  It may just be worth bidding a thousand more over the highest offer.  I'm talking about finding the situation you may be able to help a seller out of.  Dig a little deeper into the real estate market and you may just find gold!

Dig a little deeper into this Bigger Pockets article to see what I’m talking about.

Check out these Douglas County homes that have been recently reduced in price...

Douglas County Real Estate - Greater Than Group, EXIT Realty DTC. Stephanie and Mitchell Sawin focus on mentoring clients beyond the bounds of real estate. Helping people in Castle Rock and surrounding Denver metro communities create a future and reach life goals while using real estate as a tool. Not just buying a house, buying a future.  Please contact directly via phone or text: Stephanie 720-306-1492 or Mitchell 303-506-452

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