What makes a house a home

Dated: April 8 2021

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We always hear the phrase "there is no place like home" but what we should really be asking ourselves is what makes a house a home?  The answer would be different for some people.  For me, home is my sanctuary I go to day in and day out, where I feel the most comfortable. It is where I do a lot of my real estate business and my art work.  My home is the love I feel from my 3 fur babies when I walk in the door and they are super excited to see me, even when I have just walked down to the mail box and have only been gone for 5 minutes, walk in and it is like they have not seen me in hours.  The love I have for all of these things and more, makes my house my home.

What makes your house your home?  Is it where you spend the majority of your time with your family?  Is it the style of decorating that makes it feel like home to you?  Do you work from home and have a separate work space so you can truly unwind from work at the end of the day?  Watching your kids grow up and reach milestones, entertaining, dinner parties, spending a night in with your spouse and cooking dinner together.... Home means so many things for different people. 

Whatever the answer is for you, embrace it and remember that the house/structure itself does not make it a home.  What you put into it, the memories, and the love is what makes it home!

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