Which housing segment is easier to buy a home in right now in Colorado?

Dated: March 31 2021

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Easy is a relative term, and in this market keeping perspective and your goals top of mind is important!

The Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, Colorado housing markets, as with so many markets nationwide, are on fire. In the Denver metro area, the insatiable demand is causing prices to continuously increase month over month, and inventory is at historic lows.

It feel likes I have been a broken record for months. And I HAVE BEEN! The fact right now is that it's TOUGH to be a buyer in the Colorado housing market. By now this is common knowledge. So, if all of the above doesn't deter you from buying a home in our competitve market, then you probably have what it take to be a player. And if you are ready to bring your A-game, then let's talk strategy.

One segment of the market that has had slightly more inventory than others is attached homes in the price range of $750,000-$1,000,000. Slightly more inventory means more options to consider than currently exist in other pricing segments. And more options to consider means more chances to view and tour the beauty, luxury and prime locations that many of these properties offer.

Whether you see yourself living downtown in the heart of a thriving city, in the suburbs, mountains or foothills, check out these attached properties HERE, and see if any speak to you. You still have to move very quickly if one seems like a good home for you, so call me and we will go tour the home in person.

Keep your chins up, guys! There are homes to be won and treasures to be found if we remain steadfastly focused on your strategy and your goals!

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