What $1 Billion and $300,000 Can Buy in the Colorado Real Estate Market

Dated: February 8 2021

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It's been a couple of weeks since someone who purchased a lottery ticket in Michigan became the new owner of $1 billion, less taxes and fees. A BILLION bucks. It's still baffling to me that we live in a time when this idea becomes a possible thing, and then that possibility becomes some lucky one's reality! Amazing, isn't it?

I thought I'd share what that kind of cash could buy in real estate, and first took a quick look at some of the most expensive real estate sold in America in 2020. In the state of Colorado that honor reportedly went to a breathtakingly beautiful duplex property in Vail.

But let's take it down a notch and review what a few million could buy here in the Denver, Colorado metro area. From Steamboat to the Springs and all of the fabulousness in between, Colorado has no shortage of beautiful scenery and dream-worthy homes.

It's true that our Colorado real estate market is still smoking hot. And it's also true that there are no guarantees with real estate investing. But if you have the will, the vision, and the cash, the opportunity and the POSSIBILITY is immeasurable!

BUT, YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS TRUE about every family who can now buy that duplex in Vail in 2020, and every investor or home buyer purchasing a multi-million dollar property? It's true that they all had to START SOMEWHERE. Every single one.

Their vision may have had more limitations years or generations ago, but their detemination did not. Their bank account was likely significantly smaller, but not their desire or their confidence in themselves and their judgments.

At some point they made the decision to choose real estate and to put it all on the line and dive in to the real estate market. They may have bought at the lower end of the pricing range for homes here in the Denver area. But eventually, that $300,000 purchase may have became a $500,000 upgrade. Then a $1 million home became reality, and then eventually, possibly, $2 million wasn't only a dream.

So, when you are ready to leap, to see what your options are, to talk to a trusted real estate advisor about YOUR OPPORTUNITIES and POSSIBILITIES, reach out. When you're ready, I am ready, too.

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Jamie DeBrosse

My name is Jamie DeBrosse and I am a REALTOR® in the Cherry Creek School district and surrounding cities. My real estate expertise is partnering with Denver, Colorado area home sellers to strategical....

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