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Have you ever dreamed of owning a New Home, the one that no one else has ever lived in? The home that when you walk in you can smell the fresh paint, New Stickers on you appliances. This is becoming a reality for a lot of Homeowners right now. WHY, with the low inventory its sometimes the best move! Let me outline the benefits and Risks below and give you a birds eye view from a builder perspective and an Investor perspective.

Pros: Right now inventory being as low as it is the easy guess is that you can just pick a Home-site, pick a plan and away you go, it will be ready to move in, in 8-10 months. Even better you don’t have to wait for the “right house” to come on the market. When building a home you can customize your features, from, cabinets, to flooring, to Flex spaces or offices. Insider tip, the builders on average right now raise their base prices $3-5,000 every month! Do the Math, over 8-10 months your are going to move in with  $40-$50,000 in equity. So I know your asking yourself well then why doesn’t everyone just do that?? Here are the risks below.

Cons: The builders are also going through massive growing pains as well, as in not having enough contractors, limited inventory and Home-site releases come with a price tag. That doesn’t sound all that bad right, let me dive in. It is a sellers market and that includes Builders, they have their own in house lending which can come with Incentives to pay some closing costs, beware though its not always as good as it sounds, builder lenders can be very busy, not great at communication and have higher rates and fees than a traditional Mortgage lender. The other risks involved are the taxes…whew they are high!! What are you paying for in your taxes? New infrastructure, like roads, new fences, new sidewalks, common area monuments, I mean someone has to pay for these things as well the regular taxes you would have paid. Last but not least as a seller of your own home trying to buy the new home, can put you in some tight circumstances. These all need to be navigated by a professional who understands both sides of the equation.

So to sum up the blog I will leave with this, Owning a New Home is a real possibility, it takes time and planning. Walking into the Builder office I would always suggest to bring a trusted Real Estate agent that understands the process your about to embark on. It can get messy, you need to understand all the Risks & Benefits and how you are going to get to the closing table on your new home. Keep in mind most of the inventory that is almost complete is a home that someone attempted to buy but ultimately had to give up on their dream because they didn’t have the right person helping!!



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Jason Dodd

I believe Clients don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care. My strong suits are Experience and Knowledge of working through the ups and downs of the market. I have been able to ....

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