Hot Spot Of The Week Zeal

Dated: 04/14/2019

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Hot Spot Of The Week Zeal

Here’s the scoop about Zeal: they rule the real food world, serving up fresh and healthy meals from morning till night. Their food is GMO-free with a focus on local and organic. They use very few common food allergens in their cooking and cater to just about any diet — from vegan to paleo, and everything in between. 

Including falafel burgers, banana pancakes, cauliflower wings, and vegetable rainbow curry. (Pro-tip: You must try one of their açaí bowls with fresh fruit for some superfood antioxidants!) And don’t forget about the Conscious Kale Salad served with massaged kale, golden beets, pickled carrots, sprouted lentils, walnuts, and lemon vinaigrette! Mmm Mmm Good! 

But most importantly, Zeal makes no compromises when it comes to food quality and flavor. In short: it’s real food done right.

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