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Should you buy a Home now or wait until next year?

If you are still wondering whether you should buy a home today or wait another year, take a look at some of the statistics below!The video by RECOLORADO below demonstrates the numbers from

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Total Lunar Eclipse

This weekend is the Total Lunar Eclipse! It always amazes me how different people act when fun things happen with the moon. I feel sorry for the nurses of the world and what's about to go down

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Hobbies and Health

I've been playing pool since I was a kid. We would always go to the bowling alley with my family and while they bowled my sister and I would spend our quarters honing our skills. I went a long time

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New Years Resolutions

We all have things we want to do better, or start doing just in general. Whether it's setting goals for yourself or deciding to finish something you started last year I'm curious to hear what you

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