Regrets of Home Buyers

Dated: September 13 2021

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Standing on your new-to-you front lawn realizing you don't own a lawn mower? Or maybe you're sitting there in your apartment wondering why you didn't decide to purchase a property?

We've all had regrets in the places we decide to live in or leave.  What do you think 3 of the most common are???

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This is a bit extreme, but buyers regret having to compromise the kitchen.  Sometimes you have to step up, be the bigger person and know that the rest of the house was worth buying and the kitchen will get redone someday.

Regret #2 

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Not enough bathrooms!  Enough said.

The third regret a buyer had is an interesting one.  Not everyone in the country has these in their homes.  I grew up in a few different houses and only one of them had this...a basement!

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I certainly enjoy having a basement for storage and an extra play area.  Our kids don't use it as often as we expected.  It's one of those items that you don't really know what you're missing until it's gone...

Read the full article hear!

Check out Castle Rock's just listed homes!  Some have basements, some don't :)

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