The Lumber Shortage and You

Dated: July 19 2021

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If you haven't heard by now, the cost of lumber went crazy due to shutdowns during the pandemic.  Prices have been decreasing and are starting to normalize...How does this effect real estate and you?

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Inventory has been extremely tight over the past few years.  A great solution was to build a new construction home.  You weren't competeing with multiple offers, prices were reasonable and you could get everything you wanted in a home.

That has since changed.  The lumber shortage forced builders to increase costs like crazy and what seemed like every other day!  Fast forward to now, the price of lumber has dropped, but most builders are still clinging to that expensive price tag.

The best solution...don't give the builders what they want.  Have a good agent that can find you a great resale home or negitionate the price of a new construction home. ;)

Check out new construction prices in Douglas County!

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