Urgent: A Positive Donors Needed at Children's Hospital, Denver

Dated: June 8 2021

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Urgent: A Positive Donors Needed!

We currently have several patients undergoing ECMO therapy and in our OR in need of A positive blood products. We need 15 more donors per day to meet patient needs this week! 

45 minutes can mean a lifetime to a child in need. 

To give today, Tuesday June 8th please call (720) 777-5398 to speak to an appointment scheduler. 

To give Thursday, June 10th, please call our appointment line at (720) 777-5398 or click on the link below to give at our mobile blood drive located in Denver: 

Denver  | Thursday, June 10th | Children's Colorado Mobile Blood Drive

To give this Friday, June 11th call (720) 777-5398 or click on the link below: 

Aurora | Friday, June 11th | Children's Colorado Blood Drive

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