EXIT Realty, A Smart Move Testimonials

"I enjoyed working with Christine for a multitude of reasons.

She was not only professional and knowledgable of the market but she was very caring and genuine in helping to meet my needs. She continued to followup with new properties and ideas and was very focused on my priorities. I found her negotiating skills to be exceptional and highly recommend her for anyone needing her services."

Ellers Drive

This guy is great at what he does!

! Honest and a real passion for helping his clients!

Emilio Valdez

Wan is outstanding at what he does, is a go-to-guy and I would not hesitate to contact him if you are considering becoming a homeowner in the Denver area.

5 stars across the board!

Grey Thomas

This man is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

He takes a lot of pride in helping people out and for us turned a dream of moving out west into an attainable reality! Thank you

Andy Hurst

We are first time home buyers, and Michael made us feel really comfortable during the entire process from home hunting to closing.

He is fun and energetic, and easy to talk to. He took our calls night and day. It felt like he shared in our excitement when we found the right property. I highly recommend reaching out to Michael!


I met Micheal via an assistance home buyer program he helped create.

I love his enthusiasm and knowledge of the current housing market. He and his team are a wealth of information and mythbusters on what one needs in order to become a home owner in CO today. A pure joy to work with! Thank you


Michael is professional, responsive, and knowledgeable, but we liked him most because he was so easy to work with.

My kids looked forward to showings because of the chance to hang out with him and his team. He was enthusiastic and supportive as we figured our place in Denver's market.

Heather Jackson

Michael's approach was amazing!

It made the entire listing and showing as painless as possible, while also getting us an amazing offer within 3 days of listing! Thanks Michael!


Michael and his team were a pleasure to work with every step of the process.

He was very knowledgeable and professional and even drove the kids to practice so that we could make the inspection. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to move.


Although Monique Nobil is relatively new to the real estate game, her knowledge on market trends, pricing, and bargaining are second to none.

Her drive to give her clients exactly what they need is incomparable. While most real estate agents are focused on giving themselves the largest commission possible, Monique Nobil focuses on her client’s needs and wants, rather than on her own self interests. Monique Nobil is more than capable to adapt to her client’s individual needs so they can feel comfortable with the property they are buying or selling.


100% on our side throughout the process.

Wan contacted our finance company when it looked like financing fell through and what do you know, we're homeowners now! Thank you Wan!

stephen zen zen

This guy is great at what he does!

! Honest and a real passion for helping his clients!

Emilio Valdez

I recently did a transaction with Christine Sullivan and was more than happy with the experience.

I found that Christine went above and beyond what was required by the listing agent in this sale. With over 30 years of experience, I have to say that Christine was one of the best agents I ever worked with. She was always professional, patient, and courteous throughout all of the hurdles we had to overcome. Christine went the extra mile every step of the way! I HIGHLY recommend her!

Georgia Curie

I've known Trish all her life and she has shown such integrity in her personal life as well as her professional life.

I have worked with her in a few personal projects and observed her in her professional career as well. She always puts her clients first. She answers their questions and concerns honestly and makes sure she follows through to ensure the quality customer service she feels each of them deserves. She values each and every client and treats them with dignity and respect. People respond to her because she truly cares and goes to great lengths to provide honest and reliable information that will aid them in their decisions. Trish will be an asset to any company!

Karen Padilla

"I have know Trish for years and she is honest, energetic, and well organized.

Trish is definitely a person you can trust and depend on to get the job done right. "

John Perre

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