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Dated: 10/11/2017

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If you're moving, you might be wondering where to score cheap boxes, packing supplies, and, while we're at it, trucks and movers! And it's smart that you're looking to save, since moving is not only a pain in the neck (and lower back, and feet), but also a major drain on your wallet.The average move costs $1,170 if you're moving in state; if you're moving farther, prepare to cough up$5,630.

Yet bargain hunters will be happy to hear that moving doesn't have to cost that much. With some smart deal seeking, it's entirely possible to save big bucks on every part of this oft-onerous process.Here's where to find these hidden bargains—without jeopardizingall your stuff.

Cheapmoving boxes

Buying moving boxes can bea waste of your precious moving bucks, especially since there are so many ways you can get your hands on these cardboard containers for cheap or even free.One place to hit up? Anywhere they sell booze.

"Liquor boxes have thicker cardboard, which makes them ideal for carrying heavy objects like books or electronics," saysLior Rachmany, CEO and founder ofDumbo Moving and Storage.

There are evenwebsites where you can find cheap or freemoving boxes such ascheapcheapmovingboxes.comandU-Haul Customer Connect.Also, don't forget about good ol' Craigslist.

"Go to the 'For Sale' section, and then choose 'Free,'" suggestsAli Wenzke, who foundedThe Art of Happy Movingafter moving 11 times in 10years. "You can typically find numerous posts for free moving boxes and bubble wrap."

Free packingsupplies

Speaking of bubble wrap, along with the actual boxes, you must protect your valuables as they go into said cheap/free moving boxes.Freecycle.orghelps folksfind free packing supplies (and moving boxes) that other folksare looking to recycle rather than dump. Make your move Earth-friendly and save a buck simultaneously!

"Never buy bubble wrap—instead use blankets, towels, sweaters, and other soft items that need to be packed anyway," saysBrian Davis, co-founder and lead real estate/personal finance blogger

"There’s no need to add extra items to your move when you can simply use what you’re already packing," adds Davis, who has lived in 10homes in the past 10years, and spent only$100 on a move from the U.S. to Abu Dhabi.

Cheap moving trucks

In the DIY category, there is always U-Haul for cheap moving trucks; you can also rent a cheapZipCarvan by the hour or try a car-sharing service in whichindividualsrent out their own cars for a pittance.But beyond that option, keep in mind that the cheapest "truck" mightnot be a truck at all. It could be a train!

WithAmtrak Express Shipping, you can shipyourfirst 100 pounds anywhere in the U.S.—even cross-country—fora $67 flat rate, with each additional pound costing 57 cents.Just keep in mind that this method has a limit of 500 pounds per person, and you'll have to pack and then transportthe boxes to Amtrak yourself. Still, it's a cheap way to get your stuffwhere it needs to go.

Havea lot of books? You might consider sending them through the U.S. Postal Service.

"The book rate for postal mail is only 49 cents per pound," sayspersonal finance writerRomana King.

Cheap movers

No, we are not going to suggest you hit up all your friends and then offer them pizza and beer. Yes, it's a cost-saving option, but at some point in your life you'll find that everyone you know has pretty much hadit with helping others move.

Instead, researchdiscount websites for movers and check out references to make sure you're not skimping on quality.

"Groupon is your best bet," says Rachmany. "Also don't be afraid to negotiate with your moving company. Moves can be cheaper during different times of the month, so you can save cash just by moving your move toward the middle of the month rather than during the peak times of the beginning and end of the month, or in the summer."

Also, instead of checking Craigslist for "man with van" type ads, you can get a more secure option going through a site such asDolly.comorPockItShip, both of which are on-demand pickup and delivery moving services. They're especially good if you're doing a lot of the moving yourself but need some extra help with heavier items. Plus they provide the truck!

And if you want to make a difference in someone's life while they help you move yours, check outHirePatriots,a site that connects you with military veterans looking for work.

HirePatriots founderMark Bairdsays that moving help is a typical job posting on this nationwide site and you can probably get some extra hands for $15 to $20 an hour.

Finally, consider "move sharing" as an option: You can call a company, and see if you can piggyback on someone else's move in your area.

Also, for cross-country moves, consider checking with a moving consolidator.

"These companies act like a broker and specialize in booking half-empty moving trucks," says King. "The result is you pay a significantly cheaper rate to move interstate, and the large moving companies that own the trucks get something for a prescheduled move."

With consolidators you mighthave to wait longer for your shipment to arrive, but it can save you lots of dough on the flip side!

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