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Dated: 05/23/2014

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 Are you looking for a home wondering where it is? Are you to difficult on your Realtor? Or is it your spouse expecting to much of the market on fire? Well you probably have already found your home and past it up because you blew it. Now here you are weeks even months still looking at homes that are much like the ones you passed on already. Except they cost more now as the market is so hot sellers can demand more for the same homes you started to look at months ago. Not only have the prices gone up so have rates for you. Wow aren't you such the negotiator.
    Should of, could of listened to your Realtor and made a offer on the one that got away. But you didn't like some little thing that you thought was worth continuing to look at homes. Your Realtor is in the market every day and knows and understand what it's doing. So will you now just look at how you are trying to buy a home or continue to spin your wheels on some idea you're are great negotiator and will find your dream home?

  Your home is out there, stay in your price range and look at what that buys. You can get different kinds of homes when you look in different areas. Short on how much you need to get what you want? Well as your Real Estate Agent and lender suggested ways to increase the amount needed to purchase? You can find grants and assistance programs to help you with this problem.  Waiting to view homes on the weekend or your day off is costing you too. once a home of interest is found on line or however you locate them you need to schedule to view the property right away and make offers fast. On the spot even calling the listing agent to let them know you will make a offer. Then put the offer together and send it. Do not leave out the Earnest Money or your lender's letter.
      Now get out there and make it happen. Find that home! I makes me sick when I hear a buyer say "Oh well it wasn't meant to be". You know what you let it happen, that's what was meant to happen. Take charge of your purchase making sure right from the start you have a agent that is focused too on what you want in a home purchase. And the result will be a great home purchase and yes you may have to do some work. Oh well it was meant to be. Finding your home can happen and be a great experience. Good luck and congrats on your home purchase in advance.
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James Tedesco

13 years Experiance with sales involving all types of buyers and sellers needs. Single family home, town-home or condos no matter the need or location through out the greater Denver area and all surro....

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