Finding A Home With Land In Metro Denver

Dated: 04/30/2014

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With metro Denver once again seeing a boom in people relocating from out of state, it is interesting to see the desires of these buyers.  There are always the basic questions -- what is the climate like?  What are the good school districts?  Are there a lot of good trails nearby?  However, a request from many Midwesterners and Easterners is this: where can I find a house with at least 1/4 acre lot?  Or 1/2 acre lot?

As with many expansive metro areas, land is at a premium.  Sometimes the vision of the west is that there is so much land here, it must be cheap and plentiful.  Of course, those of us who who have lived in Colorado for awhile know that water issues, development regulations and issues, infrastructure, and a host of other complications drives up the price of land in heavily populated areas. 
For under $300,000, you can find properties in Lakewood, Arvada, Englewood on a 1/4 acre+, but they are also 50-100 year old homes.  What if you want a 3 bedroom or larger home built in the 1990s or later for under $400,000?  Your best best is Southeast Aurora along E-470 in Tallyn's Ranch, scattered around Parker, and a neighborhood like Castlewood Ranch in Castle Rock.  But, you can even find a few close in to the DTC like this one in Centennial.
Not surprisingly as you head towards places like Elizabeth and Bennett to the east, you can get large acreage properties in this price range.  But, that is typically not the interest I see from buyers from the midwest and east.  Which gets to another surprising factor for transplants from other parts of the country (namely out east).  Yes, Denver is a high desert and it is dry.  That lush Kentucky bluegrass, towering trees (well maybe one), and large lots can be found -- you just have to know where to look.
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