Easy Fixes Before Your House Inspection

Dated: 02/25/2014

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The house inspection.  Many real estate transactions have fallen through because of the inspection.  What can you do as a seller to make the inspection process smoother and not scare away your potential buyers or unexpectedly be faced with repairs costing thousands of dollars that you have hours to decide upon?

1. HVAC system — have it cleaned and serviced. If repairs are needed, make them. Make sure it has a clean filter.
2. Clean heating and cooling registers and vacuum inside if needed.
3. Make sure your windows open, close and lock.
4. Check for leaks in faucets and under sinks.
5. Make sure toilets flush properly and are not wobbly. If wobbly, replace wax ring and bolt down firmly.
6. Make sure all light fixtures and light bulbs are working.
7. Ensure that sinks and tubs drain quickly.
8. Clean gutters.
9. Ensure downspouts extend away from the foundation and that the grading around the house allows for water to run away from the foundation.
10. Replace cracked or broken window panes.
11. Caulk around tubs and showers.
12. Clean out grime in faucet filters (to maximize water pressure).
13. Ensure doors open, close and lock smoothly.
14. Run all appliances if the house has been sitting vacant. Listen for odd noises and check for leaks.
15. Inspect roof and make repairs as needed.
16. Test electrical sockets for the correct polarity. (Outlet testers are cheap at Lowe’s and Home Depot.)
17. Test smoke detectors.
18. Add smoke detectors in all bedrooms and carbon monoxide detections within 15 feet of all bedrooms.
19. Provide receipts and warranties for recent repairs and servicing.
20. Ensure all utilities are ON and pilot lights are lit.
21. Make sure there is adequate room to access appliances, electrical panels and heating and cooling units. Remove boxes, stored items and debris from these areas; at least three feet of workspace is recommended.
22. Attics, garages, sheds, basements and crawlspaces need to be accessible.
23. Water shut-off valve needs to be accessible.
24. Remove trash cans, trim branches and brush, dispose of dead limbs and clear an accessible path around the home. (The inspection will be easier, but the appearance of your house will improve as well.)
25. Take your pets with you or have them boarded elsewhere for the day. At the very least, secure animals in crates, kennels or leads far away from any area where the inspector will be.
Here are more helpful tips for homeowners, buyers, and sellers.
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