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Dated: 05/21/2014

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This morning I had the opportunity to attend a training session led by Bob McKinnon and Tami Bonell who is the President of EXIT Realty International.  I was both educated and motivated by what they had to say.

Bob McKinnon enlightened us with seven basic steps to take to jump start our careers.
1.  Let people know who you are:  My name is _________________.  I'm a Realtor and I help people invest in real estate.  A simple but very important way to introduce yourself and be perceived as a real estate professional.
2.  Decide what your goal will be and how you will accomplish it.  Define your market area, learn everything you can about it and brand yourself.
3.  Create your "book" or sphere of influence.  By getting 1000 names you should be able to generate 60 transactions a year.
4.  Let people know what you do.  When people hear your name, they should be able to associate it to a real estate professional.
5.  Bring things of value to your sphere.  Don't send them flyers or cards with recipes, give them useful and meaningful real estate information.
6.  Develop a team of professionals that you can rely on to do a good job.  Lenders, title people, licensed electricians, etc.
7.  Constantly thank your sphere and keep in touch.  Develop relationships with them by remembering birthdays and other important facts about them.
All of these are common sense but we forget to do them and get all caught up in our own lives and other trendy things going on in the market instead of just doing the basics.  
Tami Bonell had a similar message but took a different route by talking about current trends in the housing market.  She said, "Be a master at something, not a jack of all trades"  meaning be very, very good at what we do, real estate, and rely on our team of professionals to do the other things that need to be done.  
It is important to be able to relate to people and their needs, not yours.  She also said, "You need to work on your business, not in your business."  Make time in your schedule to do this once a month or it won't happen.  
Tami then wrapped up by talking about what sets EXIT Realty apart from other real estate companies.  We have great leadership, locally as well as internationally, there are tremendous training programs in place for new as well as established agents, technologically they are on top of the internet marketing curve and they offer many ways to promote their agents and help them get listings and buyers.  Probably what sets EXIT Realty apart from others the most is their residual program.  Existing agents have the opportunity to earn 10% residual income from new agents that they bring into EXIT for as long as they work there or retire.  What a great way to supplement your income and now that other agent works for the best real estate company.....EVER!
All in all I'm glad I went.  I met many agents from other EXIT offices and learned a lot.  Thank you Marc and Sheryl White, managing brokers at EXIT Realty DTC, for sponsoring this event.  
Jennifer Gilley at EXIT Realty DTC
text or call  303 667 0456
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