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Dated: 05/03/2017

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With so many people moving into Douglas County here in Colorado, a common question people ask me about is property taxes for the area.  At first glance that might seem like an easy question to answer.  However, in my experience whenever “math” is involved, it’s never an easy answer.  

What I am about to share with you is not top secret information and all came from the Douglas County Assessor’s website.  For this example we will take a look at Castle Rock.

The Quick Method

If you want the quick method to figuring the property tax rate in Castle Rock, just go to the Douglas County Assessor’s website and enter the street number and street name.  This is the fastest way to determine the property taxes for any property in Douglas County.

The Long Method (Get Ready For Brain Damage) 

Now if you want the long answer, continue reading and I hope your brain doesn’t explode.  The first thing you should know is that property taxes are revisited by the County and change every two years. The change is re-calculated and takes effect in odd number calendar years.

The Mill Levy Rate

A mill levy rate is simply a total tax rate comprised of many separate taxes.  Douglas County divides their taxes into seven different economic areas.  In order to figure the taxing rates, you need to know which economic area your town is part of.  Castle Rock is considered economic area four.  Within each economic area, the mill levy rate is based on how many different entities are assessing taxes.

The Assessment Rate

Next you need to understand what the Douglas County Assessment rate is.  The assessment rate is established by the legislature and also changes every odd-numbered year.  Since 2007, this rate has not changed and is currently 7.96% for residential property.  Interestingly, all other property is assessed at 29%. So it’s important to know that of your property’s total value, you are only taxed on roughly 8% of that value. Furthermore, only a small percentage of that value is taxed.  Let’s use the following formulas below to figure property tax.

The Two Step Formula

To figure the property tax in Castle Rock, you need to use the following two-step formula:

STEP 1: Actual Value X Assessed Value Percentage = Assessed Value

STEP 2: Assessed Value X Mill Levy Rate = Property Tax Due

Example for Castle Rock:

STEP 1: $350,000 Actual Value X 7.96% Value Percentage = $27,860 Assessed Value

STEP 2: $27,860 Assessed Value X 0.097439 Mill Levy Rate = $2714.65 Property Tax Due Annually.

Notice that the Mill Levy rate is expressed as a decimal.  If the Mill Levy rate was expressed as a percentage it would be 9.7439%, divide that by 100 to get the Mill Levy Rate expressed as a decimal.

As you can see, if you stick to using the county’s website to look up the property tax rate in Castle Rock, you would probably save a few gray cells.  But if you are an overachiever and need to show your work, then by all means have at it.

*I am not a tax professional nor do I play one on TV, this is just for informational purposes only and you should consult a real tax professional should you have questions.

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