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Dated: 09/21/2016

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If there's one thing that has been branded into my brain time and time again it's to disclose what you know.  First, as a first time home seller my agent told me to disclose everything I know on the property disclosure form.  Then again in real estate school, mentoring, and continued education I am always reminded to tell my sellers to disclose everything that they know.  Why?  For one, it's the honest thing to do and that should make everyone feel good!  Two, it's the ultimate protection for everyone from getting sued!  Yay!  The following article will give sellers more reasons why it's so important to disclose all the information about the property they are selling:


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Real Estate Agent, Stephanie Sawin, has been in the sales and hospitality industry for 13 years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts Management along with her real estate license! What do y....

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