Creating Curb Appeal On A Dime

Dated: 02/04/2017

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Creating Curb Appeal On A Dime

SImage titleo you are thinking its time to sell your home, and curb appeal is the one thing your house "ALMOST" has.  The front porch has a beautiful landing, or nice little steps up to the front door, perhaps you have a path lined with sod up to the front, however, its drab and boring. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is invest in a great deal of landscaping and then walk away from it after the sale of your home or even worse not even spruce the front entry way up!

There are a great deal of ways a soon to be home seller can create curb appeal to their newly listed home that will not only be inexpensive but then they can take with them when they move.

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Paint the front door- This is one of the most crucial items I can list. An inviting door color not only creates curb appeal but will make the home warm and welcoming.  Make sure that you research colors that complement the house paint color or brick and purchase a paint that can withstand weather. This little pop of color will do wonders for your curb appeal.

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Potted flowers or plants is a nice way to inexpensively add curb appeal without having to dig up the yard and run risk of them dying due to soil issues.  The colors of greenery and flowers will help distract from possible sidewalk cracks or even lack luster lawn.  Maintaining your yard is very important, and keeping it green is a must, but to add potted flowers or potted plants you create an established yard that any soon to be home owner will see as a plus.  When agreeing to an offer be sure to state that the potted plants do not convey with the sale of the home, don't want you investment to be left behind.

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If you have a small front stoop or entryway that does not allow for chairs or bench, less is more.  Create a small welcoming area that does not obstruct the doorway but draws the eye to a lovely little oasis.  From the street it will be bright and cheery and make for great curb appeal.  When the perspective buyers arrive at your door they will see that a small stoop can be just as welcoming. Again, items you can take with you when you sell your home.

Maintaining your yard, adding a little color to the front door and creating eye catching pots of color or greenery will improve your curb appeal, however, do not forget the little things such as the land mines left by our fur babies.  Regardless of all the added color and decor, a smelly, mushy yard will deter any perspective buyer.

In the end,  you can see it can be inexpensive to add curb appeal to an otherwise boring front porch, walkway or stoop.  You will not only create a visible value to your home but when you sell you can then take them with you can make your new home just as bright and cheery!   

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