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Dated: 04/17/2016

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I love coffee. You might even call me a coffee snob. I can't stand gas station or convenience store brown water coffee. To me it's not really coffee and it's just not worth a quarter, let alone the almost $2 bucks they charge for it. I won't drink it unless I'm in dire need of a caffeine pick me up and have no other choice. Even then I doctor it with sugar and creamer just to get the quick boost in a couple of swallows and throw the rest away. It's downright insulting to call that coffee...

Most restaurant coffee isn't much better. It seems to be a good money-maker that, like many other things we pay for, has just been watered down for more profit, and I take that personally. So instead of getting frustrated like I used to, I now make my espresso blend at home and take it on the go with me. If I don't finish it, I've still spent less for good coffee than buying the aforementioned brown water. Because I am such a coffee nut, I've decided to research and compile Denver's coffee huts by patronage reviews and pass that info on to whoever else might feel as I do about their coffee addiction. 

Starting on the south end of Denver, within the city's limits, Kaladi Coffee Roasters on East Evans Avenue seems to rank high in ratings across the board. From their website I read that what makes their coffee different is that they "air roast" the beans to "fully develop the flavor without the sour acids or bitter tars from the most conventional roasters". Interesting. My curiosity is heightened. I can't imagine that and would like to see how it is accomplished. Their name is based off of a legend about a goat herder named Kaladi, that as legend tells, discovered the coffee berry's attributes when his goats ate them and got a little frisky. That's pretty cool, and the name does flow off of the tongue.

Another local roaster, Corvus Coffee on South Pearl Street is also a high ranker in south Denver. Some of their attributes according to Yelp and Zomato reviews, are their cold brews, which are also available at Whole Foods, and the friendly staff and relaxing social vibe that "promotes productivity". It sounds like a fun but laid-back place with yummy drinks, both hot and cold, and some delicious snacks too.

Winding up today's spotlighted list are The Bardo Coffee House on South Broadway, Steam Espresso Bar, and Stella's Gourmet Coffee, both on South Pearl Street. All of these coffee spots rank high from online reviewers. Stella's is inside of an old converted house with a peaceful atmosphere and friendly staff, that makes a really mean espresso. Bardo's late night hours and hip atmosphere make it a go-to place for art lovers and night-lifers around town. Steam's indoor and outdoor seating is refreshing and cozy. Started by owners who are twin brothers in 2013, they only brew ethically sourced, premium coffee purchased from micro-roasters using cutting edge and sustainable practices. Reviewers give high marks to the spicy chai tea as well. 

If you are a coffee fanatic as I am, and you find yourself with a little extra time and on the south end of the city, stroll in to one of South Denver's hot coffee spots and enjoy a cuppa. And soak in the old city buzz and vibe. Get your brew on.

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