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Dated: 05/01/2017

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Sellers, please take into consideration the three "C's" when putting your home on the market. Great advice by Katie Gilles and Janet Little who are the authors of the book, 


1) CURBAPPEAL - A very important exterior asset as it's the first impression as a buyer drives up to your home. REMEMBER the old saying..... "You can never get a second chance to make a first impression". If a person likes what they see upon entering the driveway than you have already created an "anticipation factor" and and excitement for them to proceed further and get through the front door. Make sure the lawn is trimmed and maintained, outside clutter is picked up such as papers, trash cans, kids toys, dad’s toys,etc. If there are any covenants within your neighborhood make sure that you are adhering to all the restrictions. Also if you can, spruce up the front porch with a fresh pot of flowers and a welcome sign that always makes a buyer feel at home. Don't forget to make sure the driveway is open and the walk way to the front door is well kept and is easily accessible.

2) CLUTTER - Hands down CLUTTER will distract prospective buyers and make it very difficult for buyers to see past the mess and visualize themselves living in your home. Take the TIME to put away your decades of nick knacks, momentos, and family photos into storage before even beginning to show your home. Just by taking the time to do this you will get more activity on the table in terms of offers and hopefully in our seller’s market multiple offers for you to take the picking:-)

3) CLEANLIESS!! - VERY IMPORTANT to remember to clean and keep it clean while you are in showing mode. If you do this properly one time, then it's easier to keep up and maintain a clean home and you'll get an offer quicker and you can be under contract in no time so you can go back to "living". Make sure your clean home smells good too! Bake some chocolate chip cookies before a showing and have them out for your guests or light a candle that is appealing but not overwhelming as the last thing you would want is for them to think you are trying to "cover up" an odor.

Just by accomplishing these 3 things will give you an advantage over other sellers that may not take the time to complete the simple "C's".

If you call me and reference this blog, I will send you a free copy of the book "Sell Your House Faster and for More Money by Katie Gilles and Janet Little.


Justin Allen

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