Best Advice For First Time Sellers

Dated: 05/07/2017

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So you bought your first home and you loved it so much. You started a family in the home or maybe you got married and bought your first home. You love it so much and now its time to sell that home....

DONT DO IT ALONE!!!!  Now this is just my own opinion and I am not saying this just because I am a Real Estate Agent. I say it because I deeply believe this is the very best advice. Your home is probably the biggest purchase a person usually makes in their LIFETIME!  Dont do it alone! Please!!!!! 

Now here is why.... One of the biggest reasons I tell my clients not to sell a home on their own is because it can become quite a difficult and complex transaction. There are so many people.. Lenders/Appraisers/Inspectors and such who get involved in the process. Another really important reason and this one is so important as well... homeowners who decide to sell their home on their own actually sell it for far less than they would have had they hired an agent to do all the hard work of selling it for them.  So this is just my heartfelt opinion again even though I am a real estate agent. So you might ask yourself, "Why would I want to pay an agent all that money to sell my house".  So ask yourself what does an agent bring? A good agent brings knowledge about the market.  An agent will be able to push your homes amazing pictures and marketing information out on to the major MLS where thousands of people will be able to view your property and see the pictures and have information right at their fingertips from their computers at home on the internet.  A good agent can also market your home to other buyers through all the social media, other agents,door to door knocking, mailers to people interested in buying. An agent who works with buying and selling knows exactly what a buyer is looking for and can work with your home to create that for the potential buyers.  

As someone who owns their own home you are already smart to invest in real estate. Skimping on selling your home is a recipe for disaster but dont just take my word for it... google it and see the facts. A great Real Estate Agent will sell your home faster and for more value. This is my best advice for a first time seller or any seller. 

Check out my web site for additional information. If you would like to sell your home I can give you an instant home evaluation thats simple and gives you instant information. I love to educate my clients on the housing market and how you can best increase your equity.  

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Wendy Fisher

303.597.6699 text me to get more information.

Denver Colorado Real Estate Specialist- Wendy Fisher  
is a motivated professional helping others find their dream homes everyday. Wendy Specializes inParker Aurora, Lone TreeCentennial and surrounding Denver areas. She has an advanced marketing strategy and has expansive knowledge of the local neighborhoods.  She works closely with her clients on a daily basis and listens to her clients needs.  For help with buying or selling your home please contact Wendy Fisher 303-597-6699.

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Tatyana Sturm

Tatyana truly understands the dynamics of selling homes in the Denver Metro real estate market and is an expert at educating her clients so they can make the best and informed decisions for their need....

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