Baker Neighborhood To Add Huge Apartment Complex At Old Denver Kmart

Dated: 07/01/2017

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Having lived in the Baker Neighborhood three times over the past 20 years, I do enjoy keeping a close watch on it. 

Do you have a Kleenex handy?

Because if you didn't know, the breathtaking K-Mart at Alameda and Broadway that survived for many years has gone the way of the dinosaur. If you missed their close-out specials, then you missed out on a lot of XXXL underwear at 40% off. 

I know, it comes as a shock - as it was a big hit among the hipsters wanting to live near there, and how could they let such an iconic piece of South Broadway history die quietly. 

After all the huge Goodwill store just a few blocks north continues to thrive and is currently spotlighting their "Spring Wedding Gown and Formal Wear Extravaganza" in the windows. 

340-350 apartments and 7 stories is the plan, according to the the same developer that built the Denizen complex behind neighboring Ace Hardware by the light rail station. 

While some might say "OMG, really another apartment complex?!", others who are tired of the limited supply helping drive the high rent prices might say, "Thank God!" 

As for those that own homes in the Art District on Santa Fe, Baker and South Broadway communities, I am sure it will only help continue to make their property values rise, due to the increase density ratio of rentals versus owners.  Like Denizen, these will probably be marketed as "Luxury" apartments, and so odds are your house payment will still be lower than rent. 

Of course the big question is - "Will they be offering Red-Light Specials for new tenants?" ;) 

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Source for More info - Denverite Article 

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