Are You A Naughty Renter 4 Ways To Get Back On The Nice List

Dated: 12/31/2014

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Your landlord knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for your wallet's sake.

Landlords sometimes get a bad rap for not communicating, raising rental rates or failing to fix what's broken in an apartment. The truth is, though, renters can be just as bad – and you don't want to make a habit out of being a terrible tenant; it could ruin your chances of securing an apartment in the future. 

If you've had some issues in the past, there's a way to turn around your naughty tenant behavior and get yourself back on the nice list. Here are a few bad habits and how you can successfully turn them around for a better renter reputation:

1. Not paying rent on time. 

When you sign your apartment lease, you agree to pay a set amount of money per month. When you fail to do that, you can quickly land yourself on the bad tenant list. If you can't pay the full rent for financial reasons, you can't just ignore the problem and hope it will figure itself out with time. 

Instead, have a talk with your landlord in an attempt to make a deal for a delayed payment or even a partial payment. Explain the issues you're having so he or she can begin to understand where you're coming from. It's likely that he or she will appreciate you trying to resolve the problem, rather than just not coming up with the proper rent month after month.

2. Bringing a pet into a non-pet friendly building.

Bringing a pet into a building that doesn't allow them is just a bad idea. Your lease is a legal contract, and breaking it can have some serious consequences: You could be forced to give up your pet, receive a fine or even be evicted. 

If you live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets and you decide down the line that you would like a dog, cat or any other critter, talk to your landlord about the idea of bringing a pet in your apartment. You may be able to pay extra for rent or an additional deposit to allow your pet to live with you. If you're a good tenant, you might be able to work something out. Make sure if you do come to an agreement, that you put it in writing as an addendum to your lease. If your landlord doesn't budge, wait until your lease is up so you can find a pet-friendly apartment. 

3. Not having renters insurance.

You never expect to experience a break-in, a fire or flooding, but those things happen every day. If disaster does strike, it's important to be prepared so you can feel financially comfortable. Having renters insurance allows you to protect the things that mean the most to you. 

Why would not having renter's insurance land you on the naughty tenant list? Many apartment complexes require a renters insurance policy as a condition of the lease. In fact, an overwhelming 84 percent of apartment companies said they mandated renters insurance in a 2012 survey by the National Multi Housing Council.

The average cost for renters insurance is only about $15 per month, so there’s really no reason not to be covered.

4. Making too much noise.

Having a single loud party is one thing, but having them on a regular basis will only upset your neighbors and your landlord. Consistently making too much noise during late hours of the night won't make you any new friends. However, you can turn this bad behavior around quite easily.

First, keep gatherings at your apartment small – the fewer people, the less noise you’ll make. It’s also a nice gesture to alert your neighbors before a get-together. During a small party, ask your guests at the beginning of the night to help respect your neighbors and do your best to keep the noise down.

Of course, another option is to simply take the party elsewhere, and avoid hosting at your apartment if you’ve been receiving noise complaints. Let the problem simmer down, and show your landlord that you're serious about resolving the issue. Your compliance with the complaints will reflect positively on you.

Ultimately, the best way to be a good tenant is to know the conditions of your lease and to follow them. 

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