Animal Abuse Is Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car

Dated: 06/17/2016

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We’ve all walked by a car in a parking lot with its windows open a bit and noticed a dog inside. Someone thought their dog would be fine while they ran a quick errand. What they didn’t know: For a dog, the temperature in a car turns dangerous in just a few minutes. It’s too hot for your dog. Opening the windows a bit, even on a breezy day, doesn’t help keep your dog cool. Parking in the shade doesn’t make a difference. On a mild day, the temperature in your car can rise to over 120 degrees. It’s even more dangerous on warmer days.

A dog is helpless against that kind of heat and could die. It’s more serious than you think. Humans cool off by sweating, which gets rid of excess body heat. Dogs don’t perspire the way humans do — they perspire only around their paws, which isn’t enough to cool them down. Instead, dogs pant to move extra heat away from their bodies. It’s efficient, but not nearly as effective, especially in a small area (like a car).
Ways to keep your dog safe:
If you must bring your dog along on your car trip, shop at stores where your pet is welcome. Then you can bring him in with you. Maybe your errands won’t allow pets. In that case, have someone tag along on your trip. They can hang out with your dog outside the car while you’re taking care of business. The best option is to leave your dog at home, where he will be safe. On hot days, leave the air conditioning on, especially if you’ll be gone for several hours at a time — it can get hot in your house quickly too.
What to do if you see a dog in a hot car:
Jot down the car’s license plate, make, model and color. If it’s near a business, notify the management that there is a dog in trouble in a car outside. Perhaps they can make an announcement inside. Call the police or your local animal control agency and tell them a pet in a car needs help. Most importantly, stick around until help gets there. Your friendly presence can help keep the dog calm.

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