Age Does Not Matter Unless You Are Wine

Dated: 12/17/2016

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Image titleOh how we all know when the holidays come around, the cheese plates are prevalent! One of my favorite parts of the holidays is FOOD and the cheese platter is where I go first.  I believe I would have been a fantastic Italian or Parisian woman due to my affinity with wine and cheese.  However, this is not about me it is about you.....and cheese, and WINE!

Let's set the stage.....You bought your home from "YOURS TRULY" and you are having guests over for the holidays for the FIRST TIME.  Oh how excited you are.  The boxes are all unpacked, the pictures are hung and the tree is sparkling in the corner with all the new ornaments your friends and family gave you as house warming gifts!  The excitement is unbearable.  You have simmered the mulled cider in the pot and your new home has all the comforts of the season busting at the seams.  Your goal is to provide tapas style fare and an assortment of cheeses with beverages of all kinds.  HOWEVER, you are all about the boxed wine in the fridge, and at this time this is all you have, that and tap water.   When low and behold  the doorbell rings and the time has come for you to entertain  in your new home.  OH THE HORROR offering your favorite co-worker who always has the most stylish scarves, a glass of your plastic encased in cardboard wine.   But what is this a gift......a bottle of Chardonnay!!!   Now you could just put it on the counter and wait until later to open, however, etiquette would be to offer your stylish coworker and her scarf a glass! After all the holidays are about sharing.  You reach in the still organized, newly stocked kitchen drawer to find the contraption that someone once told you was a "WINE KEY".....doesn't look like a key, but never the less you figure it will be some sort of help.....ALAS, you have no clue how to use it.  Thankfully your well dressed co worker is adept to opening wine, hence her always happy mood, and she offers her assistance! The cork comes out of the bottle with a slight squeak and a little blurp, and there before you a velvety, buttery yellow bliss is poured from the bottle.  At once you, run to the fridge to remove the ever so elegant and prepared cheese platter, and on it is CHEDDAR, Gruyere, Provolone and several others that the deli had told you were amazing.  

Pairing wine and cheese really is not an art.  Just a pleasure.  No two pallets are the same so do not ever feel bad if something to you tastes amazing and to another they make that bitter beer face.  It is all about the experience.  Enjoy your home, family and friends this season, and most of all CHEERS and BE MERRY!

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