A True Story About A Cat Psychic

Dated: 01/11/2017

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A Denver Tale of the Tail
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I want to share an interesting story about my lost cat finding her way home. 

On a balmy Sunday evening, I was lying in my hammock reading, letting Piper, my Bangle cat, sniff the plants and run up the tree trunks.  As an indoor adventurous cat, she is sneaky, and sure enough, she jumped the fence.   I was only mildly concerned because the few times she did escape for a walk about, she was back meowing at the back door in the middle of the night and certainly by morning she would be missing her down comforter and easy meal.

After getting up a few times during the night to call her name and still no morning return, I knew in my heart I had to take action. Over the course of the next few days I took out ads, posted pictures on Craigslist, visited the animal shelter, put up over 200 flyers and cased the neighborhood morning and night calling her name. By Tuesday night, I was really scared and nervous.This would be the third night and the longest time she had not come home.

Wednesday morning rolled around and I had to leave for a business trip to Seattle by 11:00. I had not yet put flyers around the Washington Park area so I decided to quickly set out and put flyers around the park knowing that everyone in the hood walks the park.  Now, I was convinced that she was holed up at someone’s house and feared that since she was a purebred bangle, she may not be returned.   I knew the only way to get her back was to continue to get the word out.

As I rounded the East side of the park, mid flyer posting, a woman stopped her car in the middle of the road and asked me if that was my cat. I replied: “yes.”   She quickly blurted: “She is still alive.” Wide eyed, I responded: “I think so too and she is probably at someone’s house being fed.” She confidently replied: “No, she can get home by her own accord.”

I immediately asked if she was a cat whisperer.  Her reply: “No, but I am gifted.”  I enthusiastically chimed in that I believed in that sort of thing and proceeded to tell her details about Piper; that she was a pure bread marble Bengal with a white spot on her chest, slim, sleek and female. She serendipitously responded that she also had a marble Bengal and eagerly asked how long had she been missing. I soft heartedly said that it had been three days.  She nodded thoughtfully that was what she thought. With that, I pleaded for her to start working on her. As she drove off, she said her name was Rachael.

I hurriedly spent 15 more minutes making my way home frantically push pinning flyers on trees and posts.  Time was running out to catch my plane.  Now, “knowing” that Piper was free to get home, I wanted to set up food, water and her bed in the garage.

As I came out of garage from parking my car, I immediately heard her meowing in my neighbor’s yard to the left of my house.

With disbelief and relief, I brought her inside. It was apparent in appearance that she had not been fed.  As I was getting her settled in the house, my phone rang but I didn’t get it in time. I saw that it was a Montana number so I called back, fully expecting to hear a girlfriend’s voice that lived in Montana. The women who answered said, “This is Rachael.” Mid introduction I blurted; “My cat is back.”

She explained to me that she went home, had a cup of coffee and guided Piper home, “quote, unquote.” She further explained that even though my cat had found her way home many times before, for whatever reason she was having a hard time finding her way back this time. She shared that there was a square fixture, either grey or blue to the left side of my house that she uses to find her way home.

There are two interesting notes: one – I did not tell her Piper’s name and it was not on the flyers and two- there is indeed a grey electrical box on the left side of my house. The only access to my yard is from the right side of my house and there is only access to my neighbor’s yard from the left.  Furthermore, after looking down the block, I am the only house with any box on the left hand side of the property.

This story has a happy ending and needless to say, I was relieved. I told her that I could not thank her enough.
Her reply: “Please pay it forward.”


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Sell or Buy your way, traditional or by the auction method: Tamara Whelpley has lived and worked in Denver for over 30 years and is an expert in Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Highlands and throughou....

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