5 Words That Could Impact Going Home For The Next 20 Years

Dated: 07/21/2016

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Typically when people move - it's often from a joyous event - expanding a family, a fresh start in a new city, or graduating from college.

But as we journey in this life - things sometimes take a turn and we may find ourselves in a situation when we need to pack our bags pronto. 

Earlier this year, I found myself in such a pickle. My husband became hospitalized and it was clear he wouldn't be able to use stairs for a long time, if ever again. Just 3 years prior, we had bought a 3 story townhome in the Lower Highlands and our bedroom was on the 3rd level. 

Quickly I had to put a plan in motion to move us out of our place, rent it out, and find a place that had a bedroom and bath on the first level - all while I was visiting him in the hospital each day. Image title

Thankfully, after countless years of meditating, spiritual growth pursuits, and long contemplative baths about life - I knew there was one thing I couldn't do - Panic. 

My brother came to visit to help me through the transition, and said 5 words that made me stop in my tracks, since I realized they could significantly impact the next chapter in our lives. 


So often when people make a sudden decision based on emotions out of alignment - they don't realize until down their road the opportunity cost it had on their life.  Things seem up in the air, and we feel like the rug has just been pulled out from underneath us. 

When this happens, one might be tempted to say things like "I should find something much cheaper in case things turn worse", or "Maybe I should move us away from downtown for now because we can always move back later". 

My brother and I looked at a few places and it boiled down to one thing - They didn't 'FEEL' right. They were places I 'mentally' picked out based on a number of 'maybe's and should's' I told myself.  These feelings were great indicators to me that I needed to be more deliberate in my creation in attracting the right property. His words echoed in my core "Be careful where you land."

Even though the clock was ticking - I threw out to the Universe what I would love in a property for both me and my husband to feel at home - versus focusing on "Oh crap - let's just find anything". 

Interestingly enough, within 48 hours, I walked into a home and FELT... this is THE ONE. 

I'm writing this blog from this new home, with my husband at my side - and I couldn't FEEL happier that I truly attracted a house that I hope we can both enjoy, whether it be for a year or a decade. And I am soooo grateful for my brother's advice and insights. 

So in case you find yourself facing a major life transition that results in a move... just remember  -  be careful where you land, or you could end up like the guy in this photo.  :) 

Scott Nash
Broker Associate, EXIT Realty Cherry Creek


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Scott Nash

HELLO! Isn't Denver AWESOME?‚Äč !! I LOVE it here. From buying my 1st home in Denver over 20 years ago, to investing in rental properties, the real estate path has proven to be the most educational....

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