5 Ways To Declutter Your Home

Dated: 02/07/2017

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5 Ways To De-clutter Your Home
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1. Designate a space for nothing

The result of de-cluttering can be more open space. You can create a space you enjoy being in, instead of feeling like you’re surrounded by Jenga towers and rats’ nests of stuff. Create some breathing room by designating a space for nothing. It’s a refuge from chaos, and your home will feel more uplifted when you walk in.  Less is more sometimes and will allow for a reprieve from the stress of life. Nothing is more frustrating that walking into a room that is over decorated and full of nick knacks that have no purpose.

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2. Take manageable bites or make it a BIG project

When you’re clear why you’re doing it—and how much fun it’s going to be!—you can get down to business. It helps to figure out what strategy fits your situation. If you have a lot of responsibilities (children, aging parent, start-up company) it’s probably hard to get big blocks of free time, so it may make sense to tackle the mess project by project, closet by closet, spending a couple of hours at a time. But some of us will never finish the job unless we take it all on at once—following Marie Kondo’s advice in the best-selling The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up—and make it into a festival of de-cluttering. (You can combine both approaches: the bite-sized approach can be the prelude to a big final push.) Figure this out early on—so you do less planning and more doing.  The worst thing you can do is walk away after you have started, you will most likely never get back to it if you feel overwhelmed.

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3. Use three boxes

When digging through closets and cupboards, label three boxes to receive the items: keep, sell/donate, and throw away. Start sorting.  Be realistic about what you are keeping and getting rid of.  Family heirlooms, of course may need to be kept, as long as they have a purpose and are not broken or just collecting dust.  The reality of it is, sentimental value can sometimes cause clutter and if it is then in turn causing stress it may not be worth keeping.

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4. Three-year rule

If you haven’t used it in three years, chuck it—this applies to clothing, kitchen gadgetry, collections stuffed away in the basement, gardening tools… you name it. Chances are no matter how nifty the gadget or how memorable the outfit, if you haven’t put it on or used it in three years it’s not worth your space.  Get rid of that dress that you said you will some day fit back into.....you have had it for 15 years, odds are it is out of style anyway!

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5. Beautify!

Embellish your closets—or any nook or cranny where things like to pile up—with nice framed art or another special thing. Now you’ll think twice before you desecrate this uplifting space with mounds of junk.  Making your storage space or laundry area a place you enjoy will encourage the clutter to dissipate.  You will want to show it off rather than close it off.

You will be so happy once you have completed the project and will find your home to be more relaxing and inviting.  CHEERS!

This article also appeared in the April 2015 issue of Mindful magazine.

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