5 Things You Never Knew But Wish You Did

Dated: 04/02/2017

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1.)The little gas tank on your car's dashboard has an arrow that tells you what side it's on.Image title

If you forget on your own car or you are driving a rental and dont know which side of the car your fuel tank is on...check your gauge. The little pump indicates if it is on the left or the right. In this example the gas tank would be located on the right side. 

2. E.l.f. brand makeup has a hidden compartment.

Thats right surprise...lip balms are found in the bottom of elf lipstick...so dont throw away the tube!

3. Your shopping cart may hold more bags than you think.

Need more room in your cart... if you dont have a child sitting in the seat its probably easier to notice the loops on the back actually hold bags and this is what it was designed to do when the cart was originally developed. Who knew!!!

4.. The alphabet does indeed have a familiar tune.

Are you singing it in your head right now like me? Thats right same tune different song! 

5. You can forgo breaking your nails by using a staple remover to unhook your keys.

Its always so hard to open up the key ring! You either loose a nail or pinch your skin. Not anymore!

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