4th Of July Meaning And Reflection

Dated: 07/02/2015

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By: Ashlyn Frederick

Believe it or not, 4th of July is more than eating grilled hot dogs under sparkling fireworks, but often this is what Independence day is boiled down to and we seldom forget the true meaning. I recently read an International Business Times article written in 2012 by Palash Ghosh Entitled "4th of July: Reconnecting With the True Meaning of Independence Day." What he said in this article hits the 4th of July meaning right on the nose. 

He wrote "Independence Day marks the nation's founding and the July 4, 1776 signing of the Declaration of Independence: A letter announcing the separation of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain...But the day is really about the commemoration of the great risks the Founders took to free the colonies from King George the Third's 'long train of abuses and usurpations.'" The words "great risks" are important here. The freedom we have was achieved by risk taking. That is important. I think about all the soldiers across seas RISKING their lives everyday to protect our freedom! This is what we are celebrating and MUST remember; The risk of our freedom. 

As a little girl my eyes always twinkled with magic underneath the red, white, and blue fireworks. I loved gathering candy at the annual parade, and I didn't really think about why this holiday was important. It was just fun for me. As a grew older, it was still just fun for me. Which takes me to my second point, this holiday, and our freedom as become something comfortable and almost forgotten. 

Ghosh wrote "The Declaration of Independence is in danger of becoming just a piece of paper on display at the National Archives." 

My first reaction to this is anger and frustration. How can we just push something to the side that is so important and relevant today? Many people have stopped voting during presidential elections, many people have become lukewarm in the fight for our what is right, there is negativity in our nation, therefore leading our Country to one that would be unrecognizable to the founders. We are not living up to what the intention our founders was. 

My challenge to YOU is to make this 4th one of Thanks and true celebration of our independence. Be thankful our freedom is still be protected and fought for. Be thankful that we have the opportunity to vote and have equal rights! This is why we are to celebrate 4th of July! Don't merely think of this holiday as fun, but think of it has a day thanksgiving for our freedom; for the Risk that was and continues to be taken for US! Image title

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