3 Key Priorities After Sellers Accept The Offer

Dated: 08/01/2016

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For most homebuyers, the look of anxiety turning into joy often comes across like the infamous skit from Saturday Night Live.

Kristen Wig's character Sue, a.k.a, "Ms. Freakin' Excited!!!', can't contain her unwildy enthusiasm. 

Quickly however, the look on the buyers' faces fades into one of puzzlement, and all they can think of is , "Oh my gawd, what now?!"

Typically the next steps are lining up the inspector and making sure the ernest money check gets delivered to the title company on time. I personally like to take the reins in these areas if my clients feel it will help them.

From a broader perspective however,
I also recommend buyers take 3 vital steps that can greatly impact the entire transaction.


    A few deep breaths every step of the way can make a HUGE difference in making the process flow smoothly for everyone. It clears stuck energy, reduces anxiety, can be done anywhere, and it's FREE! 

    Setting your intention about anything, is like telling the Universe or whatever higher-power you connect with, "HEY! This is my life, and this is the way I would like it!"   Being a big believer in infusing a real estate transaction with positive vibes and good energy,  as the agent, I like to declare an affirmation such as , "I love how this transaction is benefiting all parties, and I'm grateful that it is flowing in the best direction for everyone involved". 
    At the end of the day, not everything may have unfolded as you expected, but that only means something better is yet to come. If something happens that appears to ruffle your feathers, refer back to the first point. :) 


    When is the best time to communicate? When do you prefer email versus phone calls or text?  Should I be primarily communicating with one person versus another. These are all things that vary greatly with each transaction,  and without some parameters, it could lead to frustration and uncertainty when questions arise.  For example for very simple questions, I prefer clients text me. For highly detailed requests, I prefer they send it in writing via email. And for items that require strategy or planning, phone calls and note-taking on each side are always best.

Because home-buying can feel overwhelming sometimes, especially for first-time buyers, placing the 3 points above as a priority, I've found helps me, the parties on the other side of the transaction, and especially my clients. :)

Scott Nash
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