14 Sure Ways To Make Coloradoan Mad

Dated: 08/28/2016

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After living in Denver since 2001,  I feel pretty confident in saying that people from Colorado are some of the coolest you will ever meet… however, like everyone else, we still have a few select things that get our blood boiling. For instance, if you want to make someone from Colorado mad, you can easily do so by:

1. Let's go ahead and begin this list by addressing the elephant in the room. We get mad if you use the term Coloradoan (like I do)...

2. ...or Coloradan.

3. Look, we don't mind if you move here from California or Texas... but when you move here from California or Texas and do nothing but complain about how Colorado isn't like your home state, THEN we have a problem.Image title

4. Speaking poorly of Peyton...

5. ...Elway...Image title

6. ...and/or the original Blake Street Bombers.

7. Make jokes about our legal weed...

As hi-larious as marijuana jokes are, we ask that you please spare us.

8. ...and assume we're all potheads. 
Just those who live in Boulder. (Kidding, Boulder. We <3 you guys!)

Image title

9. When you take the A Line to the airport and it breaks down.


10. Order a Bud Light. 

That's just flat out flat... and disrespectful! Oh, and speaking of disrespectful...

11. Disrespecting our land.

Too often, Colorado wildfires are started by someone being careless or flat out stupid. When one person doesn't respect the land, we ALL pay the consequences.

12. Finally, nothing jags us more than slow drivers...

13. ...when out-of-towners actually slow down at a yellow light...

Yellow doesn't mean slow. Yellow means to GUN IT.

14. ...or when the first three cars don't speed through the newly turned red light.

It's just the Colorado way, OK?Image title

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