10 Things To Ask Yourself When Buying A Home

Dated: 10/10/2016

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Its an exciting adventure when you are preparing to buy a home.  There are a lot of shiny objects to look at and get excited about when walking through a home.  Usually buyers have a long checklist of the things they want in a home before they even begin to actually walkthrough any homes.  images

Some of the not so exciting things or shiny objects that are actually some of the first things buyers need to evaluate start with:

1.) Sex Offenders Near Your Neighborhood.

There are a lot of websites you can review to determine if there are any sex offenders near the home you are wanting to buy. One of those websites is criminal watch dog.  These websites are important so that you are aware of crime near your home to keep your family safe. If you live with in a mile of a school than a sex offender would not be located near you because they are not aloud to live within a mile of a school if they have registered with the government. Another great option with these websites is that you can actually register with the site so that you can be notified if there are any changes in your area. Dont forget its great when you are looking to buy a home but you want to also stay updated after the purchase of the home when others around you are buying and selling as well. Keep you family safe.

2.) How do the Schools Rank.

Some buyers will look in a particular area when buying a home based on the scores from the school district or individual school. A great resource online is colorado school grades.  Colorado School Grades has provided millions of Colorado parents with valuable, easy-to-understand school performance information.  They can rate a school with a grade so its very easy to understand. This is a great resource to tell you whether a school performs well academically or whether it does not.  Its important to know that buyers do find this information very important when considering buying a home.

3.) What is the commute.

One thing you can not change regarding your home is the location. You always hear Realtors stress the importance of location location location. That is simply because its the one thing you can not change. You cant pick up your house and move it. Well ok technically you could but I don't think its very typical and its very costly and uncommon. When buying a home take some mornings during the busiest time of the morning commute and try driving from the new potential home to your place of work. Also if you have kids to drop off at school in the morning do the same thing with the school.

4.) Is there radon in your home.

This is something that is very common in Colorado.  Please check with the radon specialist for specific information on this subject. Radon is colorless and odorless and that is one of the reasons it is so important to test for this in the home you are buying to keep your family healthy and safe. Make sure to ask your realtor to have a radon specialist do a test in the home to check for the levels of radon in the home and make sure the levels are safe before buying the home. The test is less than $200 and worth every penny when you think about your safety and your families safety. This is so important when buying a home in Colorado.

5) Who is doing the home inspection.

You want a through home inspection done on the home before buying a home. Make sure the home inspector is certified and carries their own E&O Insurance. I once heard of an inspector who accidentally left on the tub water and left the home. When the home owners returned they had severe flooding but luckily he had insurance and the buyers were not found responsible for the damage. You also want to make sure you ask for specialist inspectors if you feel the roof needs a more thorough inspection or have an electrician in the home etc. This is an important step when buying a home.

6) What are the noises outside the home.

The noise you hear during the day when people are at work may be different from the noise at night. Be sure to ride by the house during the day and night so you’ll know.  Same for weekdays and weekends. Is there a hospital nearby? Will ambulance drive by at 2 a.m., blaring their sirens?  Do you live close to a firehouse where the firetruck may be blaring their sirens as well in the middle of the night. Are you in the flight pattern of a major airport. You may not even live close to the airport but the planes may have a regular pattern of flying near your home for certain flights. You can check these with your title company as well. You don't want any surprises when buying a home.

7) Have there been any renovations lately.

If there have been renovations that might be just what it is a renovation but there can also be times when renovations are done to hide issues.  Is there fresh paint in the basement? Was the renovation done to hide possible water stains? Always ask why a renovation was done and if it was done by a licensed professional. Sometimes issues done with a renovation don't appear until a few months or years later.

8.) How old are the homes appliances.

This is something that a home inspector will tell you during an inspection, but here’s my advice: look for this info while you’re at the open house or before placing the offer on the home. Think of it this way: if you know that you’re going to have to sink $5,000 in new appliances or repairs, you may be able to adjust your offer price accordingly, or decide not to even put an offer on buying a home.  Think of the bigger appliances on a home like the HVAC, Furnace, Water Heater, Kitchen Appliances. Even a financial lender will look at this to determine if they think a buyer may have to replace one of these when buying a home and it can than affect whether a buyer can get a loan on the home.

9.) Are the gutters in good condition.

If it’s raining, is water pouring over the gutters (which could mean too much water next to the foundation, which could mean water in the basement)? Gutters can be a costly expense.  When you walk up to a home its easy to get distracted by the beautiful landscape and the curb appeal. Its important when buying a home to evaluate the gutters and even the downspouts for proper drainage. Average cost to replace gutters can easily be in the thousands.

10) What is the slope and direction of the driveway.

This can be very important then buying a home in Colorado! Make sure your driveway faces North for a quick melting.


Do you have more questions please contact me Wendy Fisher Realtor 303-597-6699 or email me wendy@exitrealtydtc.com I like to make sure my clients have the education they need to make a successful transaction when buying a home.

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