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  Ten easy and inexpensive ideas for transforming most any room in your home!      *This is one of my favorites! Go to the library or use any of the books you have on
your shelves already, very cost effective! Then photocopy whatever pictures fit into the
style of your home. Some popular themes might be; botanical, equine, nautical, or scenic, you
get the picture! ;) Consider a group of photo’s three to five depending on how much
space you have to fill. Then think about what kind of “look” you are going for. There
are countless ways to modify your prints. I’m sure you all have experimented with this at some point, but a few examples might be to tea stain them for an aged look or
paint on them for a bolder more colorful look! Have matted, framed and group them on your wall!
               *Consider adding new cushions or pillows to your sofa. You can change the
entire look and feel of your room by adding a splash of new color or prints on the pillows.
Think about what time of year it is, in the fall you might want to bring out the
warm or golden colors and in the spring you may opt for crisp whites or ecru. This also
works great for bedspreads too!
           *Resurface an old or damaged piece of furniture. Love that piece but
just can’t justify spending big bucks repairing the veneer or top surface? I actually saw this
at my friend’s house, decoupage the surface with pages from a book or dictionary, under a piece of glass. This works especially well if your furniture is painted white or black!
       *This one takes a little more skill but love it! If you have ever looked for a “larger
scale” coffee table and could not find one, here’s an idea for you…. shop for a dining room table and cut the legs down!
         *When challenged with a small space, think vertical vertical vertical! Seems
pretty obvious right? But think ceiling to floor, 6” wall ledges and mirrors! It’s
amazing how much you can fit in a small space!
        *Best quick fix ever….. nothing new here but one new hint! Old/dated cabinets, add new cabinet knobs, go to your local hardware store for the bulk of them at a price that fits your budget…… but then pick a select few more decorative knobs from a specialty store to add a unique flare to your
piece or room!
        *Fresh paint! This is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to
dramatically change the look and feel of a room.  Consider accent walls,
pick just one or two walls in your room to paint, this usually has even more of an
impact not to mention less time and less money!
         *Look around your house, you have more pieces hanging around that you can
use or convert than you realize. We had two (matching) desks in the basement  with so much junk piled on them you would never have known the desk’s even existed. Well I dug them out
and remodeled my entire office around them! Great new room I could never have afforded at
the time for the price of a little spring cleaning, fresh paint and a few new shelves!
         *It’s all about the lighting! There are so many amazing light fixtures & lamps out there our
options are virtually limitless. That’s great if you pocketbook is too! Look for a great deal
on a lamp or fixture, wait till it goes on sale….. spend your money on switching out the shade!
This is what can “make or break” your fixture. Most lamps do not come with exceptionally great shades!
        *Size matters! Keep in mind the size of your room compared to the size of your furniture.
Always measure your space before purchasing any piece for your room. You will be glad you did in the long run. It’s amazing how great a room comes together when it is proportioned right.
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